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In Honor of EarthDay 2020 50th anniversary, and SolSolutions involvement
in many EarthDaySF’s and other local earthdaysf with solar powered
electric and equipment for music, vendors, speakers and food booths, we
are gathering to further the knowledge and environment, this time
Join SolSolutions for our weekly “Hour of Solar Power” sustainable
webinar series.
Every Wednesday, 12-1pm PDT, founder Chaz Peling and guests will
highlight the many ways that regenerative, sustainable power can keep us
all charged up by the sun now as we shelter in place, and for when we
emerge to create a better “normal”.
First in the series starts on Earth Day!
Wednesday, April 22nd, 12:00-1:00pm
“Solar for a sustainable planet”
REGISTER HERE to reserve your place for the 22nd and future webinars!
Mark your calendars for the following sessions:
Weds, April 29th, 12-1 pm PDT – “Backup Power Options For When The Grid
Is Down”
Weds May 6th, 12-1 pm PDT – “Off-grid options for the mobile Tiny Home
or Trailer/RV”



- Cancelation Notice -
Earth Day San Francisco 2020

Dear supporters of Earth Day San Francisco – 50th anniversary,

We hope this post finds you well. As is in the headline news everywhere, the apprehension, and realities, concerning the coronavirus are impacting businesses and events far and wide. While we have been moving forward with all aspects of the event, and have our permits with the City of San Francisco, we are starting to get notifications from vendors, speakers, and sponsors who are wishing to halt their involvement due to health concerns for their staff, assistants, and themselves.

In our hearts we wish to go forward with this event, but due to circumstances beyond our control we have decided to hold off on this year’s event. We are considering doing the event this fall, and will keep everyone updated as the circumstances progress. It was our hope to bring the confluence of greater global awareness of climate change, and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, together in a day of celebration and ongoing education for the general public. We will do it at a later date.

We have put much work into this year’s event already, which we were looking forward to making happen. It is therefore hard for us to pull back from doing it, but the sake of our staff, our partners and participants, we are cancelling this year’s event.

We know this health situation will improve and that there are many great health providers who are doing their utmost to help during this time. We wish everyone good health, and plan on continuing this event in 2021.

We urge everyone to vote in November, and to keep environmental justice front and center with  all politicians and representatives you vote for. We want to help keep this planet healthy for humans and our biosphere for generations to come, and will keep working towards those goals.

We want to thank Carnaval for their phenomenal musical partnership, our faithful vendors and sponsors, our volunteer crew and most of all the people of San Francisco with whom we enjoy celebrating Earth Day every day. For more information or tips on things to do on Earth Day and every day, go to: EarthDaySF.org

With much appreciation,

Douglas Kolberg
Earth Day San Francisco

Earth Day San Francisco 2020

On Sunday, April 19th celebrate the 50th Anniversary of  Earth Day San Francisco style… The theme for this year’s Earth Day is The Change is coming”.

Dynamic speakers, amazing music, DYI  demos, and workshops will go throughout the day with topics including conservation, climate change, recycling, and the intersection of politics, technology, and the environment.

Caring about the environment and gaining knowledge about our human impact on the earth is more important than ever. We are working to create our most educational, impactful and festive Earth Day celebration yet. There will be booths by non-profits providing information about environmental causes and solutions to pollution, transportation issues, health care, technology, and the environment  and other topics relevant to leading a healthy and meaningful life in the modern age. Earth Day SF provides a platform for compassionate ways to deal with social issues, fact-based science with informative speaker panels throughout the day, cutting edge green technology displays and demos, and non-profits that are working to help sustain the planet.

Join us for this FREE event on Valencia Street between 19th & 21st in the heart of the Mission District San Francisco.



2020 Speakers to be announced soon!

Hear expert speakers and panelists share their knowledge and views on all things green, from the state of the oceans to wildlife conservation to actions you can take in your community. You’ll learn about breakthrough innovations, practical home remedies, and many other ways to help build a sustainable future.

Past speakers have included:


Learn about new green technologies that solve practical problems while conserving resources and minimizing environmental impact.
2020 exhibitors TBA.


From bike-building to sustainable gardening, Earth Day SF offers a variety of workshops to hone your skills or learn new ones.
2020 Workshops TBA.


We invite scores of Eco Non Profits to share educational info designed to activate the public on sustainable and green solutions. 
Non-profits are crucial to create a springboard for education and activism. 
2020 non-profits TBA.


Join us at the hemp zone and check out all the amazing products this magic plant produces. From building material and clothing to fuel; hemp is the product of the future.




Earth Day SF hosts a wide array of local and international performers, including live music, environmental luminaries, active politicians, variety acts and more. Our stages are solar powered by SolSolutions.

Join Us at the Main Stage for multi-cultural music and performance all day long. Hosted by Carnaval SF.



2020 talent to be announced soon!


A green-themed campaign bringing artists from around the state in every discipline, using the power of art to express our common humanity.

If you are interested in exhibiting for this year’s festival please send us an email along with a brief description of your work, relevant images and links to: earthdaysf@gmail.com


Welcome to the Sustainable Chef’s Zone. Local celebrity chefs will be cooking up healthy signature dishes all day long. Sample some of the tastiest organic and vegan dishes from the local slow food movement. Speakers include expert nutritionists and activists giving tips on best buying practices, the dangers of factory farming, and how to fight toxicity in our air, food and water.
2020 Chefs TBA.


Children are a big reason to work for a sustainable future, and as Greta Thunberg has showed us, it’s often youth who lead the way. So bring your kids to Earth Day SF’s kid’s zone to learn and grow.



2020 Sponsors Welcome –  Act Now!

Become a sponsor for the 50th Earth Day Event. Contact Douglas at 415-602-4926 earthdaysf@gmail.com

Presenting Partners

Grass Roots Sponsors

Seed Sponsors

Media Partners

Supporting Partners


Rent a booth at Earth Day SF and get great exposure for your eco-friendly wares. From kombucha to kites, books to bamboo, people like you are helping sustainable be attainable.

Become a vendor for the 50th Earth Day Event.

Contact Douglas at 415-602-4926 or email earthdaysf@gmail.com


Good karma, brownie points, simple satisfaction. Volunteering is good for everybody. To volunteer, email earthdaysf@gmail.com


This year, Earth Day SF is holding a poster contest for the big 50th anniversary celebration. Sharpen your pencils and get to work! The winning design will be featured in all Earth Day 2020 promotional material, and the artist will receive an Earth Day 2020 t-shirt and VIP passes to all Earth Day 2020 events.
Stay tuned for more information. Entries may be sent to earthdaysf@gmail.com



Earth Day is 50! On April 22, 1970, Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson launched the first Earth Day as a teach-in to honor the Earth and increase ecological awareness. Since then, Earth Day has grown. It is now celebrated in over 193 countries, after the first Earth Day coordinator, Denis Hayes, took the event to the international level in 1990. 

One especially notable Earth Day included the signing of the Paris Agreement, on Earth Day 2016, during the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Earth Day Fun Facts
  • On the first Earth Day, Beat poet Allen Ginsberg spoke at the Philadelphia celebration.
  • April 22nd was chosen because it didn’t overlap with college exams or other holidays, but April 22, 1970 being the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birthday convinced some people of a Communist conspiracy.
  • The 20th anniversary of Earth Day included the Earth Day 20 International Peace Climb, with a phone call from Mt. Everest, and over two tons of trash carried off the mountain.
  • Chuck Berry was the headlining musician at the George, Washington Earth Day 20 event.
  • Also in 1990, Warner Brothers released an Earth Day single “Tomorrow’s World” which hit #74 on the Hot Country Songs chart.
  • In 1995, the US Postal Service issued their first Earth Day stamps.
  • In 2000, Leonardo DiCaprio hosted the Earth Day event on the National Mall in Washington, DC.
  • 2000 was also the first year Earth Day used the internet to organize and advertise.
  • Earth Day 2017 included the March for Science rally.


Valencia St between 19th and 21st

10-7 on Sunday, April 19

 It’s FREE

Bike! Walk! Take mass transit!

Yes, but no bike parking will be available on site. Street parking is available on the surrounding streets.

Yes, there will be organic food available from eco-friendly food trucks, as well as a bar. There are also a number of restaurants nearby.

There will be an eco-friendly beer garden on site.

There is a donate button on this site, and volunteers will be passing buckets at the event.

Donations go toward the production of the event, and to designated non-profits working on the issues at hand.


Our 2020 schedule will be released soon!

Stay tuned to our newsletter and follow us on social media!


Currently climate change is happening at a much faster rate than most of us anticipated, and the science is clear that human contributions to climate change are significant. According to a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, limiting global warming would require ‘rapid and far-reaching’ transitions in land, energy, industry, buildings, transport, and cities. Fortunately, many of these transitions have already begun, and some are as simple as the tips listed on the stamps below.
In addition to these little acts that can make a big difference, there are other things you can do to make an impact;
  • Inform yourself of the facts.
If you want to take action, be persuasive, make a difference, you need to know what you’re talking about and working toward.
  • Inform others of what you’ve learned.
In medicine, there’s a saying, “Each one, teach one.” Talk about climate change and the environment with friends and family. Explain it to your kids. Write an op-ed for your local paper. Share on social media.
  • Vote with your voice and vote with your dollars.
Put your money where your mouth is. Buy organic. Choose sustainable. Boycott bad corporate behavior. Donate to environmental causes.
For more ideas, check out our partner Earth Day Network’s Climate Change User’s Guide.


Douglas – Producer  415-602-4926

Email: earthdaysf@gmail.com

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