April 23, 2022 11am-7pm


Valencia Street, 19th-21st Street



Join us for the 52nd Anniversary of Earth Day

Earth Day SF is about  …
  • Celebrating the amazing resiliency of our planet and its inhabitants while appreciating the accomplishments of global citizen-activists since it began in 1970
  • Co-creating an action plan for addressing the environmental crisis
  • Inspiring each other to push back on the toxic priorities of big oil, big banks and big government and saying No to dwindling oversight on environmental decimation
  • Addressing the ongoing lack of meaningful and urgent policy decisions at global summits that don’t walk the talk about climate science
In our backyards, in our state and around the world, long-held and outdated systems are perpetuating dependance on fossil fuel, and dependance on corporations that put profit before people. Clean air, water, soil, and food is our right.
Gather with us on Valencia Street at Earth Day SF, as this is your launch pad for a renewed drive for change. Experience inspiration and get information in our Activism Zone, with a mix of enviro-speakers, non-profits, and a selection of vendors who focus on sustainability.  We’ll have live music, a vegan chef’s showcase, and kid’s activities. Make this your day for a celebration of Mother Earth, for building your environmental awareness and enjoying neighborhood fun.
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History of Earth Day

In 1969, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson had the idea for Earth Day while reading about the student led anti-war movement. The day dedicated to protecting and preserving “Mother Earth” was April 22, 1970, and is credited as launching the modern environmental movement.

The inaugural Earth Day was so successful that both political parties embraced environmental awareness at the time. The Endangered Species Act, the National Environment Policy Act, the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts all have their roots in the first Earth Day.

Today, Earth Day has enlisted 22,000 partners in 190 countries to mobilize the environmental movement. Now over 1 billion people participate in Earth Day making it the world’s largest civic observance.

Arts & Culture

Live Oaks
Richard Art Felix

Join Us at the Main Stage for multi-cultural music, performances, and speakers all day long. 

Earth Day SF delivers local and national music acts, and performances programmed to attract a large and diverse audience.  

Our art programming attracts creative and insightful environmentally-focused artists and artwork. This year we are working with Indigenous Americans on the opening ceremony, and we’re presenting a celebrity chefs in a Vegan Chef Showcase with live cooking demos, and much more to be announced before the event.

Leading musicians of today will highlight an all-star lineup of Psychedelic, Zydeco, Rock, and Global beats.

See the schedule for the Main Stage by scrolling down. 

Asher Belsky

Our 2022 Schedule ~ 2023 Schedule TBA

  • 11:45 AM to 12 PM ~ Welcome to Earth Day SF by our Emcee Val Ibarra
  • 12 PM to 12:45 PM ~ Opening Ceremonies: Danza Azteca featuring Jorge Molina and Ohlone Blessing
  • 12:45 PM to 1 PM ~ Code Pink Women for Peace
  • 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM ~ Sunshine Garcia Band
  • 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM ~ The Live Oaks
  • 4:30 to 5:30 PM ~ Asher Belsky
  • 5:45 PM to 7 PM ~ Andre Thierry and Zydeco Magic

Keynote Speakers

We promote public engagement with many causes and solution-based actions at our Eco-Teach-In.

Earth Day SF Speakers for 2022 ~ 2023 Speakers TBA

Cheryl H Zuur of The Ukraine Solidarity Network

Monalisa Wallace, activist, local business owner

Ari Pathi of Save Soil / Conscious Planet

Laura Wells, SF Green Party Member, and 2022 Candidate for San Francisco Controller

Deanna Wulff, Director of Unite The Parks

Gail Williamson of The National Equal Justice Association’s (NEJA) Campaign for Sustainable Recovery and Development

Monica Chen of The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Steve Erlsten of Vegan Outreach 

+ more TB

Past Speakers have also included:

Adam Savage – Co-host of MythBusters

State Senator Mark Leno – 11th District

Bill McKibben – Author, Educator, found of the 350.org movement

Dolores Huerta – Labor Leader/founder of Farm Workers movement

Kevin Danaher – Co-founder of Global Exchange, Fair Trade USA, and the original Green Festival

Leila Salazar – Executive Director at Amazon Watch

Dan Flanagan – Executive Director Friends of the Urban Forest – San Francisco

Arielle Halpern – Senior Program Director at the Mt. Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center

Lindsey Allen – Executive Director of Rainforest Action Network

Sophie Azouaou – Renowned Presenter and Philanthropist


Green Mobility Zone

Join us at the Earth Day Green Mobility Exposition

This year, we are exclusively partnering with VinFast and showcasing their highly anticipated electric vehicles. 

Their mission is to help the world make the switch to cleaner, more sustainable electric vehicles. With a human-centric design approach, VinFast uses advanced technology designed to improve the lives of people who drive their electric vehicles, and the life of the planet. 




Children of all ages can enjoy activities including crafting seed bombs, demos on aquaponics, recycled art classes, solar rockets, our huge Art Wall, earth mandala, and many other forms of green art.  Also featured will be yoga classes, dance classes, meditation, discover the coast eco walks, how to reduce waste, and classes on growing food.
2022 Workshops TBA.

Non-profit hub

Our non-profit partners will lead workshops and seminars. Representatives from GreenPeace, Sierra Club, Amazon Watch, Food and Water Watch, GMA Labeling, and many more will convene at Earth Day SF.

Chef Zone

Welcome to the Sustainable Chef's Zone. We invite you to join us at the Vegan Chef Showcase.

Local celebrity chefs will be cooking up healthy vegan food all day long. Sample some of the tastiest dishes from the local slow food movement. Speakers include expert nutritionists and activists giving tips on best buying practices, the dangers of factory farming, and how to fight toxicity in our air, food and water.

Our Chefs for 2022: 

  • Tamiko Garner
  • Poala Lozano
  • Reina Montenegro
  • Nina Curtis
  • Nory Hanson
  • Jillian Love
  • Stephanie Bosco



Earth Day San Francisco can only happen with the wonderful support of sponsors, who allow this event to remain free and welcoming to the general public.

We hope you will join us to ensure the ongoing success of Earth Day SF and keep the San Francisco Bay Area at the leading edge of sustainable business, activism and social awareness. We seek partnerships with the
best and most environmentally oriented non-profits and companies that align with our
mission, and provide a platform to reach a large cross section of people who care about the
planet for this, and future, generations.”

For our Sponsors our event provides an opportunity for brand education and direct brand interaction. Sponsors have the ability to make an impact on this engaged audience through a day of inspirational and meaningful experiences. Our filter for quality and relevance translates into more impactful impressions with the general public.

The Earth Day SF website and social media is a hub for event news and content. Our presence on social networks has extensive reach along with our email subscriber network.


Become a Sponsor for the 53rd Annual Earth Day. Click here to download our information: Earth Day SF Sponsorship 2023, or Contact our team at 415-602-4926 earthdaysf@gmail.com

Seed Sponsors

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Supporting Partners


Rent a booth at Earth Day SF and get great exposure for your eco-friendly wares. From kombucha to kites, books to bamboo, people like you are helping sustainable be attainable.  We consider our vendors activists by sharing their amazing earth friendly products to the world

Become a vendor for the Earth Day Event.

Contact our team at 415-602-4926 or email earthdaysf@gmail.com


Volunteering is the backbone of Earth Day San Francisco. If you want to help, and have fun doing it, please email earthdaysf@gmail.com


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