On Valencia Street between 19th & 21st Street

April 22, 2023 11 AM to 6 PM


In Golden Gate Park
at the County Fair Building


Be An Eco Warrior


Clicking ‘Donate’ takes you to our fiscal sponsor, Green City Project, a San Francisco based non-profit dedicated to linking groups with community-based ecological activities, culminating in our annual celebration each April. In the donation form, please ‘Designate’ your donation for Earth Day. Thank you! 
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Join Us for the 53rd Anniversary of Earth Day

Golden Gate Park, County Fair Building, 1199 9th Avenue at Lincoln Way

Earth Day SF is about  …
  • Celebrating the accomplishments of global citizen-activists since Earth Day began in 1970. 
  • Coming together to enjoy music, food, creating art, and inspiring hope for our children’s future
  • Knowing that together we can embody the green revolution.
  • Providing information for impactful consumer choices.
Andy Pollack of New Farm Invites everyone to "Celebrate Earth Day ... And Have Fun!"
Earth Day SF is a Festival …
Gather with us on April 22, 2023, for Earth Day SF, as this is your launching pad for change. In our Education Zone, we’ll have dynamic speakers, green non-profits, and a selection of exhibitors and sponsors who focus on sustainability. View transit options in our Green Mobility Zone. We’ll have live music, a vegan chef’s showcase, an interactive art wall, and kid’s activities.
Earth Day SF is about inspiration …
 In our backyards, in our state, and around the world, long-held and outdated systems are perpetuating the dependance on fossil fuel, and dependance on corporations that put profit before people. Clean air, water, soil, and food is our fundamental right.
Make this your day for a celebration of Mother Earth, for gathering as eco-activists and growing our environmental awareness. And having fun in the process!

Earth Day San Francisco will be celebrated at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park.

The San Francisco County Fair Building is at 9th Ave and Lincoln Way. It has been the location for the Annual Fungus Festival, The World Veg Fest, San Francisco Zine Fest, and the San Francisco Summer Resource Fair for Kids, among other festivals. It is a mid-century modern building built in 1961 and was renamed the County Fair Building in the 1980s. 

History of Earth Day

In 1969, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson had the idea for Earth Day while reading about the student led anti-war movement. The day dedicated to protecting and preserving “Mother Earth” was April 22, 1970, and is credited as launching the modern environmental movement.

The inaugural Earth Day was so successful that both political parties embraced environmental awareness at the time. The Endangered Species Act, the National Environment Policy Act, the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts all have their roots in the first Earth Day.

Today, Earth Day has enlisted 22,000 partners in 190 countries to mobilize the environmental movement. Now over 1 billion people participate in Earth Day making it the world’s largest civic observance.

Arts & Culture

Join Us at the Main Stage for multi-cultural music performances, along with speaker presentations, all day long. Earth Day SF delivers music that moves you!

We’re happy to once again have Indigenous Americans perform the opening and closing ceremonies. Celebrity Vegan chefs will be showcasing their skills with cooking demos. Our art programming attracts insightful, environmentally-focused artists.

Leading musicians of today will highlight an all-star lineup of Psychedelic, Zydeco, Rock, and Global beats. We will showcase The Gary Flores Trio, featuring Karl Perazzo, percussionist from The Santana Band.

2023 Schedule

Our schedule includes the following highlights and is subject to change.
Main Stage
11 AM ~Aztec Dancers Opening Ceremony
12 PM ~Sponsor Thank you's
12:20 PM ~Gypsy Jazz with The Levitation Quartet
1:35 PM ~Gary Flores Trio with Karl Perazzo, Santana Band percussionist
3:15 PM ~The Knotty G's Singer Songwriters of Soulful Americana
5 PM to 6 PM ~Dancers Jimmy & Pamela + Thank you's to Everyone + Closing Ceremony with Aztec Dancers

Keynote Speakers

We promote public engagement with many causes, and solution-based actions at our Eco-Teach-Ins. This year, our Speaker’s presentations will be in the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, on 9th Avenue at Lincoln Way. 
2023 Speakers Presenting In Our Education Zone
  • 12:10 PM ~San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) Charlotte Canner – ‘Healthy Gardening’
  • 12:35 PM ~Peace = Green with Monalisa Wallace, the Green Feminist and SF-based environmental and civil rights activist and attorney 
  • 1:05 PM ~Code Pink presenting their brief Skit
  • 2 PM ~Redwood Credit Union ‘Green Banking’
  • 2:15 PM ~ Meet Cruise, Self-Driving Electric Vehicles
  • 3 PM ~Youth vs The Apocalypse 
  • 4 PM ~Citizen’s Climate Lobby with Jeff Whittington
  • 5 PM ~Plant-based Physician Panel with Drs. Jeffrey Pierce, Anthony Lim and Bruce Heller

Green Mobility Zone

Join us at the Earth Day Green Mobility Exposition
Earth Day is committed to the Green Mobility Movement. We are showcasing the latest models of EVs and E-bikes. Our goal is to share new options for transit, commuting and recreation. California designers and engineers have always been at the forefront of conceptualizing efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. Yes, there are challenges associated with sustainable mobility, but we can solve them together!

Shaping the World of The Future Through Innovation
Cruise partners with people to drive city life forward. Meet the Team from Cruise on Earth Day as they’ll be bringing their self-driving vehicle to the event! You’ll be getting an up-close look at the future of transportation, so be sure and stop by and say ‘Hello!’
Visit GetCruise.com for more information. Click on the car to view a video. The key to a great ride is not having to drive!


Earth Day SF has many interactive workshops planned for 2023, and you’ll enjoy experiencing hands on activities with a purpose. We will have an Earth Day Poster silk screening workshop and many more hands-on activites. 
Take part in our interactive Art Wall, and many other forms of green art. Also featured will be information on how to reduce waste, and classes on starting an organic garden. Additional 2023 Activities TBA.

Non-profit hub

Our non-profit partners will lead workshops and seminars. Representatives from GreenPeace, Sierra Club, Amazon Watch, Food and Water Watch, GMO Labeling, and many more have been a part of Earth Day SF since the beginning. More great causes will be on site on April 22, 2023 in Golden Gate Park.

SF Environment

Chef Zone

Welcome to the Sustainable Chef's Zone. Learn healthy, sustainable food choices and meal planning at our Vegan Chef Showcase.

Local celebrity chefs will be demonstrating raw, vegan and oh-so-healthy culinary creations all day long. Sample some of the tastiest dishes from the local plant based food movement. Speakers include expert nutritionists and activists giving tips on best buying practices, the dangers of factory farming, and how to fight toxicity in our air, food and water.

Our Chefs’ Demonstrations for 2023

2:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Chef Danny Siri of Danny’s Vegan

3:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Chef Mieko and Chef Kami of Hella Nuts

4:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Chef Reina Montenegro 



Click here for sponsorship information. Earth Day San Francisco can only happen with the wonderful support of sponsors, who allow this event to remain free and welcoming to the general public.

We hope you will join us to ensure the ongoing success of Earth Day SF and keep the San Francisco Bay Area at the leading edge of sustainable business, activism and social awareness. We seek partnerships with the best and most environmentally oriented non-profits and companies that align with our mission, and provide a platform to reach a large cross section of people who care about the
planet for this, and future, generations.

Become a Sponsor for the 53rd Annual Earth Day. Click here to download our information: Earth Day SF Sponsorship 2023, or Contact our team at 415-602-4926 earthdaysf@gmail.com

Presenting Sponsors

Seed Sponsors

Supporting Partners


Our Exhibitor spaces are currently filled for Earth Day SF! Thank you to everyone who's joined us for 2023! From kombucha to kites, books to bamboo, people like you are helping sustainable be attainable.  We consider our exhibitors activists, as they share their earth friendly products with Earth Day attendees.

Stay in touch to become an Exhibitor for the next annual Earth Day San Francisco event!

Contact our team at 415-602-4926 or email earthdaysf@gmail.com


Volunteering is the backbone of Earth Day San Francisco. If you want to help on April 22, and have fun doing it, please sign up right away. Even at the last minute. We know that you love Earth Day as much as we do! Click the button to view the variety of ways to participate.
Thank you!


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For more ideas, click here to check out our partner Earth Day Network’s Action Toolkits at EarthDay.org. They have actionable toolkits for small businesses, the Great Global CleanUp, the Plastic Pollution Primer, and more. 

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