Earth Day San Francisco

Celebrate the Green New Deal

Saturday,​ April 20, 2019 11am-7pm | Valencia Street between 19/20th


Live Bands & DJs • Environmental Speakers
Hands-on Eco Workshops • Sustainable Fashion Show
Organic Chef Showcase • Clean Energy Zone

Earth Day San Francisco

On Saturday, April 20th celebrate the 49th year of Earth Day in San Francisco’s sunny Mission District. The theme for this year’s Earth Day is Celebrate the Green New Deal”.

Talks, demos, and workshops will go throughout the day with topics including conservation, climate change, recycling, and the intersection of politics, technology, and the environment.

Caring about the environment and gaining knowledge about our human impact on the earth is more important than ever. We are working to create our most educational, impactful and festive Earth Day celebration yet. There will be booths by non-profits providing information about environmental causes and solutions to pollution, transportation issues, health care, technology, and the environment, solar-powered stages by SolSolutions, and other topics relevant to leading a healthy and meaningful life in the modern age. Earth Day SF provides a platform for compassionate ways to deal with social issues, fact-based science with informative speaker panels throughout the day, cutting edge green technology displays and demos, and non-profits that are working to help sustain the planet.
Join us for this FREE event on Valencia Street between 19th & 20th in the heart of the Mission District San Francisco.

2019 Music & Performance

Earth Day SF hosts a wide array of skilled local and international performers on our Solar Powered by SolSolutions stages with live bands and DJ's, environmental Luminaries, active politicians, variety acts and more.

More acts to be announced soon

Eco Hero Host

2019 Speakers

Earth day does not support any specific candidates and or make any endorsements. We wish to inform the public with a variety of speakers, some of whom are involved in politics, others who work in scientific research, some who run environmentally focused non-profits, and others we think are of interest.

More speakers to be announced soon

2019 Artists

Join sculptors and painters as they use Art as Activism to bring attention to pressing environmental issues. Here are some of the artists we have had in past years.

If you are interested in exhibiting please send us an email along with a brief description of your work, relevant images and links to:

2019 Fashion Show

2018's Fashion Show was produced by San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International.

2019 Fashion show information coming soon

2018 Fashion Designers

Creative Raw Fashion
Santa Cruz, California

When we wear something, we imbue it with our energy. It comes to tell a story of our essence. Scattered like leaves fallen from a tree, the lost discarded pieces, but unlike leaves, fabric takes much longer to decompose or never does; Fast fashion is taxing our environment.

As a child, I loved the design, and would constantly be creating with scraps of old clothes. As an adult learning of the waste, child labor, and poisonous chemicals that go into modern fashion left me with little to no interest to be a part of it until my trip to Europe.

One of my challenges was when I was invited to the Big Sur Fashion show, whose theme was no fabric, only recycled materials.
I began to make dresses from wine corks, branches, leaves, anything I could find. A friend gifted me her chicken feathers and I turned them into dresses. Toured around for years doing fashion art shows and creating one of a kind fabric pieces always ethically sourced and sustainably made. You can see my works in the store at Wallflower Boutique in Santa Cruz CA.

Read my full story at


B. Unique One-of-a-kind statement clothing for everyone
San Francisco, California

Bay Area native, “B” is a thrift store fashionista and a couture fashion enthusiast. Being raised on a farm with limited stores and funds to spend, she struggled with expressing herself through clothes at school.
Being the creative, non-wasteful wanting to make a statement type, she began seeking out thrift stores for unique pieces to manipulate and recreate to make into the edgier looks she fell in love with on the runway.
B now travels throughout the United States and around the world collecting second hand clothing to recreate couture inspired pieces; one-of-a-kind statement clothing for everyone!

B believes everyone should express themselves freely while also helping to preserve the environment.

My attitude and my fashion are the same. 
Be whatever you want to be!

~ B. Unique


Rose Delfino – Creative Recycled & Repurposed Designs

Bay Area Body Painter and sustainable repurposed fashion designer Rose Delfino is one of the most eclectic and esthetic designers of this time. Taking recycled, used, and repurposed materials and then putting them into the hands of Rose’s Insanity, you are going to end up with something no less than breathtaking.
From dresses made of used Lotto tickets or used Japanese lanterns; sit back and be prepared for your eyes to be amazed.


The Fashion Show is brought to you by:

Founder & Organizer
San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International; SFSFWI
Creative Executive Producer & Director, iGreen Media Group


Sandra Hanns is the Founder of San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International, iGreen Media Group and Co-Founder of Earth Day SF. With over 20 years of experience and hands-on in the decision making, Ms. Hanns’ professional background has been an inspirational journey contributing to companies and nonprofit organizations to realize their vision.

Her involvement and contribution as a Board of Trustees and CEO, have lead to support small businesses, expand educational programs and empower people committed to thriving in life. Her creation of conscious social events, educational symposiums, Eco-fashion shows, conferences, television production and public events defines her as one of the strongest organizers for corporate and nonprofit sustainable occasions in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Chef Zone

Welcome to the Sustainable Chef Zone. Local celebrity chefs will be cooking up healthy signature dishes all day long. Sample some of the tastiest organic and vegan dishes from the local slow food movement. Speakers include expert nutritionists and activists giving tips on best buying practices, the dangers of factory farming, and how to fight toxicity in our air, food and water.


Our chefs are Reina Montenegro of Nick’s Kitchen (Daly City) and Nick’s on Grand (South San Francisco), Jennifer Jones Horton of Sanctuary Bistro (Berkeley), James Sant of Living Light Culinary Institute, and Jillian Love the Raw Vegan Chef


Earth Guardians is growing a resilient movement with youth at the forefront by empowering them as leaders and amplifying their impact. We invite you to join us in our mission to protect the planet for future generations. No matter your age, you can make a difference.

Event Schedule

Our 2019 schedule will be released soon!

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Valencia Street

Between 19th & 20th Street, SF, 94110

30+ Speakers , Artists & Musicians

2 Live Stages, Artists and Kids Zones

40+ Vendors

Eco-conscious vendors, creative clothing, custom jewelry, and artisan organic food stalls

Official Partners & Sponsors 2019

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