Visit the VinFast Booth April 23 – Have a Tree Planted In Your Name

VinFast electric vehicle with family fishing

Visit the VinFast Booth April 23 – Have a Tree Planted In Your Name

Sponsor of Earth Day SF, VinFast Electric Vehicles, Partners with ‘One Tree Planted’

While you’re at Earth Day SF on April 23, be sure to visit the VinFast Electric Vehicles booth. We greatly appreciate VinFast being the presenting sponsor of Earth Day SF. They are also partnering with One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation. When you stop by their booth, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Have a tree planted in your name at no cost to you
  • Support reforestation in 6 global regions
  • Feel Great Doing Good
  • Be a part of VinFast’s goal: To share a common pillar of sustainability by working with organizations such as One Tree Planted

Get Involved in Reforestation

One Tree Planted has been involved in reforestation efforts since 2014. Their goals:

  • Restore landscapes devastated by seasonal wildfires
  • Create habitat for biodiversity to protect freshwater and soil
  • Support old-growth management areas to maintain complex ecosystems

This non-profit organization is built on a network of individuals, businesses, and schools who either donate monetarily or volunteer to plant trees around the world. One Tree Planted works with other NGOs and governmental agencies, including the US Forest Service, the World Resources Institute, and several state forest services and regional conservation districts.

California’s Forests Are in Need ~ Have a Tree Planted In Your Name

In California alone, there is a whopping 33 million acres of diverse forests that provide us with recreation, wildlife habitats, and jaw-dropping scenery. In 2017 and 2020, the record-breaking fire seasons in California consumed more that 4.3 million acres. Sign up – at no cost – for a tree planted in your name by visiting VinFast at Earth Day SF to help restore our forests! See you there!

VinFast makes Electric Cars for People for Whom Progress is a Passion.

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Stop by the VinFast booth at Earth Day SF, April 23, learn about their line of EVs, and choose to make a difference for the planet!