Save The Soil ~ Save The Earth

Save The Soil ~ Save The Earth

The Roots of the Words and the Work Ahead

The word Soil in many languages is the same word for Earth. The word Earth came from the Anglo-Saxon erda and in German, erde, both of which mean ground or soil. Terre is the French word for Earth, whose origin can be traced back to the same Latin terre, which also means land, soil, and property.

In the madness of modern times, where greed, power and corruption are poisoning the soil, one can easily take on the sense of being complicit in this suicidal spiral. If you’re not creating local food systems, or composting, or personally supporting efforts to stop the pervasive and massive undertaking by big Ag to add glyphosate to every molecule of our diet, the work ahead of us can seem futile.

Hope is Possible ~ Action is Necessary

We have now in our food chain, and in our very bloodstreams, particles of plastic, pesticides, herbicides and neurotoxins. All the fasting and juicing you can do won’t make it go away. We MUST look to the soil if we are to save each other. OUR BODIES ARE OF THE SOIL.

Industrial farming practices have been depleting the soil for decades. Degraded soil around the world, plus the mono-crop practice of growing corn and soybeans for ethanol and animal feed, is making farms less fertile and threatening the future of the food supply. The facts show our fruits and vegetables are now significantly less nutritious due to soil depletion. The gluten-free movement and the increase in people with celiac disease is the result of modern wheat crops having been over-hybridized and the soil it’s grown in is filled not with nutrients, but artificial fertilizers.

Save Soil ~ Save Life

We CAN restore the soil with regenerative agriculture and permaculture practices on agricultural lands both large and small. Many forward-thinking farmers in every country are moving away from industrial/outdated/knowingly-harmful farming practices.

Documentary films, such as Kiss the Ground, Living Soil, King Corn, Dirt The Movie and Symphony of the Soil, can help to enlighten and inspire individuals on this issue. However, it is only through concerted and collective actions to change current food systems can we escape the slow decline of human existence with no earthly soil worth farming.

Earth Day SF 2022 Welcomes ‘Save Soil’ Speaker

Earth Day SF welcomes speaker Ari Pathi of Save Soil/ Conscious Planet to our Main Stage on April 23. Save Soil is a global movement to address the soil crisis. Its mission is to institute national policies towards increasing the organic content in cultivable soil.

Enjoy this video from a 4/19/22 Save Soil event with Sadhguru that took place in Bulgaria. “The Magic Of Soil Is It Turns Death Into Life. SAVE SOIL.”